Front Matter and Condensation

“[Zombies] speak in mantric repetition, wearing their flesh on their words, consonants dripping, vowels oozing.”

Just an update for now.  I’m in the process of adding new content to the site. First, if you are viewing this on WordPress, make sure to check out the full site with the blog embedded at  The main menu at the top is slowly being populated.  Right now, in addition to this blog, I’ve got the cover of my dissertation (“Front Matter”) and a brief summary of my work (“Condensation”).  I’ll be adding a few more things in the coming weeks (excerpts, the full text of the introduction, more images, Flash components, etc.), so be sure to check back.  And, slowly, the various pages will become more and more clickable, a sort of hypertextual proliferation.  Once I’ve defended the printed version next week (on March 31), I’ll be able to devote more time to this digital component.  For now, check out what’s there, and feel free to put your thoughts in a comment on this post.


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